The Benefits of a Timber Thinning

Both the health and aesthetics of a forest can be improved by selective thinning. As trees age, they compete for nutrients and become overcrowded in unmanaged forests. Unless some trees are removed it will stunt the growth of the surrounding timber. A thinning will allow the trees to grow bigger, faster, and will grow in value. Thinning also allows the landowner to keep their forest protected. If you want to make money off your timber, there's no need for a total clear cut. Instead, opt for a thinning and turn your crowded forest into a beautiful forest. Timber thinning is an optimal forest management tool to improve timber stands and bring some revenue back to the landowner.

Forester marking trees for thinning

Tim at Cedarland Forest Resources and the workers are more than friendly and easy to work with. Any needs as the property owner, were addressed and taken to heart. Thinned out our 4 acre property efficiently and with respect to the new growth trees. We had a lot of trees that had began to rot or were simply dead or danger trees. The crew is just phenomenal, efficient and understanding of the needs from the owners perspective.

- Jeremy M

Timber harvesting

Preparing for a Timber Thinning

Thinning is one of the most crucial tools used to advance a timber owner's investment. Our team will walk you through the required permitting processes. In Washington State each timber harvest is unique to its landscape, making processes vary from site to site. Cedarland Forest Resources will develop a strategic plan that best fits your land and timber needs, making sure proper practices are in place and directed accordingly.

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