Reforestation Process

Reforestation is the intentional restocking of existing forests or woodlands. CFR suggests planting an average of twenty trees to every one tree harvested, allowing saplings the greatest chance of survival. This also ensures a sustainable environment for future forests. CFR understands the importance of maintaining the forests as they are one of the greatest renewable resources we have in the US. Our forests also play a key role in our habitat and ecosystem. When working with CFR you will be working with industry leaders who are experts in their field. They will assure you have the best boots on the ground to get your project done.


Our Passion

Cedarland Forest Resources is passionate about our future forests. We make sure that thousands of new trees are planted to replace the ones we harvest. We ensure the new forests we plant can flourish and grow to be even healthier than the previous forest. Replanting is the only way to protect and maintain the ecosystem as well as provide timber resources to future generations. Tim Cedarland has taught at many universities across Washington state to teach students the importance of forest management and reforestation.

Growing Better Together

Cedarland Forest Resources is proud to work directly with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to obtain our seedlings for reforestation. We believe there is much more to be accomplished in the forest industry, and we are always looking to push our industry to maintain and grow our state’s beautiful forestlands.


Contact Us

Our team is ready to assist in making sure you get the most out of your timber investment. If you have questions and need more information, contact us today by calling 1-800-407-1551.