Full Timber Harvest

What is a Full Timber Harvest?

A complete harvest, sometimes called a clear cut, consists of the removal of the entire stand of trees. This will give a property owner the largest return on their investment. A complete harvest also allows the landowner to start over with an even age timber stand.


"I spoke to Tim on the phone, he came out and looked at my property, he was highly educated gave me a fair price. I was able to step back and allow him to handle it all. The job is now complete and I am very satisfied."

- Christopher K

Harvested timber

Marketing Your Timber

Cedarland Forest Resources has been in the timber industry since 1997. Since then we have built quality relationships with other leading industry members that are commonly out of reach from the general public. These connections have allowed our customers to get the maximum return on their timber investments.

Timber Prices

In 2021 timber prices have been at an all-time high and we continue to watch them rise through 2022. During these times we are pushing more timber through the mills than ever before. Cedarland Forest Resources has a keen eye on the economic activity of the timber industry.  As prices rise and fall, we make sure your timber hits the mill at its highest possible peak so that you can make the most from your timber.


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