Western Washington Logging Expertise

Since 1997

Cedarland Forest Resources is dedicated to bringing you the best price for your timber.

CFR will handle permit applications though WA State Department of Natural Resources

Whether you have 5 acres or 5,000 acres CFR is ready to harvest.

Create room for maturing forests to obtain the nutrients they need to grow to their full potential.

CFR uses a proper reforestation method for restocking forests and woodlands.


Harvested timber

When you work with CFR on a timber harvest you can expect professional expertise in every aspect of your project. We provide turn key service including; permitting, layout, harvest and marketing of your timber. We can pay cash in advance for your standing timber or can harvest it on a percentage basis. Whether you are planning a thinning or a clear cut we will work to insure your satisfaction and to bring the highest value back to you.

We recently 5 acres, and had a portion of it logged to build our dream home. We did a lot of searching around and decided on the Cedarland Logging, it was the best decision we made it. Tim is an absolute fantastic guy very honest and easy to talk to. I highly recommend this company.

- Autumn P

CFR is a member of the Washington State Contract Loggers Association and the Better Business Bureau.


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