Logging Company – Washington State

Are you looking for a quality logging company to take care of your timber harvest needs? CFR prides itself on being one of the best logging companies to work with in Washington State. In this case the landowner retains the ownership of their property and simply has us handle the logging operation. CFR offers highly competitive prices and can even offer cash in advance against the stumpage value of your timber. If you are a land owner in Washington and have standing timber on your property that you are interested in logging please contact us for a fair market appraisal. We are very familiar with the local markets in the State of Washington since we have been handling timber harvests here for over 20 years.

Timberland acquisition and sales in Washington:

CFR is also actively engaged in both the purchase and sale of timberlands for both investment and cash flow basis in the State of Washington.

Partnerships with others:

CFR also works and partners with private investors who are looking for opportunities to purchase investment grade timberland in Washington State. Our industry networks and expertise allows us to bring all the right players to the table and create solutions that are beneficial to everyone. We work hard to identify quality properties that will provide our clients and partners with competitive and quantifiable returns.

If you would like more information about the benefits of including timberland in you investment portfolio please contact us.