Both the health and esthetics of a forest can be improved by selective thinning. As trees age, they compete for nutrients and become overcrowded in unmanaged forests. Unless some trees are removed it will stunt the growth of the surrounding timber. Timber thinning is an optimal forest management tool to improve timber stands and bring some revenue back to the landowner.

If you are considering a thinning contact us today for a free estimate. We will send our forester to evaluate your timber stand and give our recommendations for the best management strategy of your forest.

Forester marking trees for thinning
Timber harvesting

Complete Harvest

A complete harvest, sometimes called a clear cut, consists of the removal of the entire stand of trees and will bring maximum return on your timber. A complete harvest also allows the landowner to start over with an even age stand of trees and makes it much easier to manage the future forest.

With over 20 years of experience, Cedarland Forest Resources has the expertise and marketing contacts to bring maximum returns to the landowner. We provide full service from the permit process, harvesting, marketing, and assisting the landowner with reforestation and future forest management plan.

We Buy Timberland

From 5 acres parcels to large timber tracts, we are actively engaged in the purchasing timberland. Whether you are from out of state or no longer have use for your property, we would be more than happy to discuss your selling options. CFR has streamlined the land purchasing process to make the transaction as simple as possible. We can close on your property in as little as 30 days and can put money into your pocket when you need it.



Reforestation is the intentional restocking of existing forests or woodlands. CFR suggests planting an average of twenty trees to every one tree harvested, allowing saplings the greatest chance of survival. This also ensures a sustainable environment for future forests. CFR understands the importance of maintaining the forests as they are one of the greatest renewable resources we have in the US. Our forests also play a key role in our habitat and ecosystem. When working with CFR you will be working with industry leaders who are experts in their field. They will assure you have the best boots on the ground to get your project done.

Timber sales

CFR regularly engages in the buying of standing timber. In this case the landowner retains the ownership of their property and simply sells the standing timber to CFR. CFR offers highly competitive prices and oftentimes offers cash in advance against the stumpage value of your timber. If you have standing timber on your property that you are interested in selling please contact us for a fair market appraisal.


Permit Applications

We assist landowners through the permit process. We give each customer a professional evaluation for the best possible process to obtain all harvesting permits needed for the job. We provide all technical expertise and counsel to make the permit process as smooth as possible.